Sail Technologies Ensign

Price/Order Form PDF

Ensign Sail List

Main  Sails

Class Mainsail


with a reefing point


includes insignia, sail numbers, battens, window and bag

Head Sails

AP Class Genoa includes, bag


Class #2 Genoa includes, bag


Class Working Jib includes, bag



Class Tri-Radial Spinnaker, includes sail numbers and bag.


Tuning Guide PDF

1. Set up the rig up with the headstay at 26’ 21/4”
2. Adjust the step so the mast rests against the partners and chock it centered and also fore and aft
3. Set uppers and forward lowers with “loose” gauge at 40. (with slacks backstay). This will generate about 1 ¼” of pre bend.
4. Get aft lowers at 24-26 (with slack backstay).
5. Go sailing and check the mast for falloff. The stiffness of the masts vary. With about 12 knots true and the headstay at 40, the leeward upper shroud will just begin to go slack. You may have to adjust the uppers or fl to keep it in tune.
1. Set up the loose gauge on the forestay.
2. Make up a paint stirrer or ruler for making backstay position.
3. Apply tension to backstay and place marks on your guide at headstay tensions of 20, 25, 35, and 40. This will reference wind strengths for genoa and main trim
4. Head stay tension:

Headstay Tension

True Wind Speed


0 - 3


3 - 6


6 - 12


10 - 15